No. 3
Gymasium x StudioStereo

Wood Type
Wrapping Paper

3 sheets + P&P

£1 from every pack of wrapping sold goes to CRY→.

Our wrapping paper has been made with hand-printed vintage wood type and printed using soy-based spot colour inks on tissue paper which is completely acid free and FSC Certified.

3 sheets, 75cm x 50cm, 28gsm

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For Sale:
Print, Typography
& Graphic Ephemera

No. 3 - Wood Type Wrapping Paper →
No. 1 - Onion Tea Towel → No. 2 - Squash Tea Towel →

Gymnasium is an extracurricular activity of StudioStereo→.
A branding & design studio based in Belfast.

10% of everything we make
goes to CRY→. For Craig.